Posted by: colleenoshea | November 1, 2008

One Little Blue Cow Means A lot!

the old DFC logo which will be given a makeover for the future

The "Little Blue Cow" is set for a makeover.

If you have ever purchased dairy products in the past, you have probably seen the “little blue cow”, the licensed logo of the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) which represents a product being one hundred percent Canadian. After a decade of use she will now be given a makeover, backed by $5 million dollars worth of promotion. The little blue cow will no longer have her bell around her neck and the words Quality Milk will be replaced with the message : 100% Canadian Milk. By losing her bell, sources say she is becoming “modernized”. Upon discussing this event with my mother, she suggested that the bell be turned into a computerized chip around her neck- I wasn’t too sure the graphic artists would quite be able to do this! Regardless, the little blue cow will still stay a two- color graphic, in both blue and black or black alone.

Right in line with the local food movement and the urgency for “made in Canada” labeling, the change of the logo comes at a perfect time. Ian MacDonald, the national director of marketing and nutrition for DFC feels that this investment of branding “Canadian”, is a good choice, backed up by a promotional campaign to communicate to consumers what the logo means and create loyalty to it. DFC is offering to cover the cost of changing packaging as it can be costly. The updated cow may appear on some products as early as December-although the total conversion probably won’t happen until at least June. Processors who do adopt the blue cow must sign a legal document committing them to using the logo on products made only from Canadian milk.

Personally I feel this is a great idea by DFC. The more and more the local food movement gains popularity, the more curious consumers are about how they can support local growers and producers. Grocery store shoppers are catching on about looking for that “Canadian branded” product. DFC is committing the large sum of money to back up the logo change with this promotional campaign which I feel is essential. They are committed to informing the public what exactly the logo stands for, what exactly it means to support a Canadian dairy farm and why it is so important to look for this logo on their product. This is yet another positive example of organizations working together to support and develop our Canadian agricultural industry for the future.



  1. Funny…I never really noticed the words, but I could have picked out that cow in a second. However, like you, I’m pleased they used the word the Canadian in the switch. I wonder, though, if using 100% — a five-syllable phrase — is the best choice, or if they could have proposed a punchier one-syllable word that meant the same thing. I suppose that’s splitting hairs, but that’s what communications and marketing people are supposed to do.

    The blog was very informative Colleen. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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