Posted by: colleenoshea | March 18, 2009

Support Local by Eating Local at the Woolwich Arms in Guelph!

On the weekend my parents came up for a visit, and took my roommate and I out to dinner to give us a break from our “student cooking”. We headed off to our favorite spot, The Woolwich Arms. My roommate had never heard of this place, and I’m afraid it is too much of a hidden secret in Guelph. Thus, I wanted to write this post to spread the word of this charming pub.

Every time I eat at this restaurant I am continually impressed by the service, reasonable prices and above all, their mission and commitment to support the local food movement.This quaint little pub has an incredibly unique atmosphere. As I have spent my past two summers in Ireland, and have spent my fair share of time in pubs there, I can undoubtedly say it is parallel to the warm environment that is found in pubs on the green isle.

What makes this pub most unique however is their menu, which involves food and drinks comprised of almost entirely locally grown ingredients. For example, their fries are made with fresh cut Ontario grown potatoes, their hummus is made with Ontario grown peanuts, and their “Elk Bangers and Mash” include Ontario Harvest Farm’s succulent game sausages. My favorite dish is their shepherds pie, topped with Ontario grown mashed potatoes. My parent’s enjoy their Ontario bison burgers.

The beers on tap at the Woolwich Arms also support the local food movement. The majority of thtap-2eir beers are from right here in Guelph Ontario. In fact, their house draught and “signature” beer is the first beer in 30 years to be made with Ontario grown barley. It’s described as well-balanced ale, a superb session beer with rich copper color, full of malt flavor and a perfectly balanced hop finish. The remaining beers on the menu come from within Canada including Burlington and Creemore Canada, Montreal and Chambly Quebec, St. Johns New Brunswick and Calgary Alberta. The only two which don’t originate in Canada include Guinness from Ireland and Strongbow Cider from Britian—both which I consider staples for pubs.

If you haven’t eaten or gone for a pint to this exquisite place, I strongly encourage you to do so. Not only will you get a brilliant meal or tasty ale, but also you will be doing your part to support local farmers. You will be giving back to your local economy while satisfying your taste buds all in one!

The pub is located at 176 Woolwich St. (corner of Yarmouth and Woolwich) Guelph, Ontario and their phone number is 519-836-2875. Check them out on the web at




  1. Hey Colleen,
    I was looking for canada eating local and its impact on the economy for my problem solving paper and your blog was the first thing that came up – nice job!

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