Posted by: colleenoshea | March 19, 2009

Come to College Royal Open House 2009 to “Continue the Royal Legacy!”


The 85th annual College Royal Open House is finally here! University students have been working like busy bees to organize last minute details and put the final touches on preparations for the weekend.

College Royal is the largest student run open house in all of North America, involving over 3000 student volunteers. It’s a perfect event for families to end of the March break with, and the best part is it’s an absolute FREE weekend!

I can remember attending the open house weekend when I was younger and my oldest brother was in University. Holding my Mom by the hand I was blown away by everything I could see and do. I’m confident that the young and young at heart who attend this year will have similar feelings.

There really is something for EVERYONE to see during the College Royal open house this weekend. If you haven’t done so already, click here to download a booklet and decide which events you will attend! To help you out, I have comprised a list of my favorite top 5 things to do during open house weekend!

cr08-0221#1) The Live stock Show- this is held in the Gryphon Dome starting at 9am. Here you can watch student participants in both novice and experienced divisions show beef cattle, swine, dairy cattle, horses and my favorite- ducks! The duck show is especially entertaining, involving costumes and an abundant amount of team spirit!

#2) The Pancake Flip- this is held in the University Centre courtyard and runs both Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-11:30am. Not only can you enjoy delicious varieties of pancakes for only $0.75/ pancake, but you can be entertained by teams showing their team spirit and unbelievable pancake flipping skills.


The College Royal Officers from 2008 after their square dancing set!

#3) Square Dancing- this is held in the main gym of the athletic centre and runs both Saturday and Sunday. A true U of G tradition, come out and watch students competitions and open competitors as they swing their partner round and round.

#4) Food Science Club- go check out this clubs display in the Food Science Building, room 241 where you can indulge in delicious MILKSHAKES! In my opinion, these are the best milkshakes in the world- coming in a variety of colors. Get there quick as these milkshakes are a hot item!

#5) Old MacDonald’s NEW farm- held in the dairy barns on the east side of Gordon Street both Saturday and Sunday all day. The young and the young at heart can meet many farm animals on display. The barn is full of educational displays and information. As well, don’t miss Jim Atkinsons “rumen with a view” demonstration at 11am, 1pm and 3pm both Saturday and Sunday.

There really is SO much to see and do at the College Royal Open House, and I encourage everyone to check it out. If I had my choice I would write a “my favorite top 50 things to do at open house” list, but I think I would loose your attention. However, I think you can sense my enthusiasm for this remarkable event and get my point that you will not be disappointed if you attend College Royal 2009!

If you need any help, look for a smiling student such as myself bouncing around campus over the next few days in a bright blue College Royal coat, and we will be sure to help you out!



  1. I totally used that picture to open up my blog for this week too! Oops! Great minds think alike I guess!

  2. Great post, Colleen — extremely comprehensive. I saw a lot of people around this weekend; I’m certain the hard work you and the others put into organizing this event was appreciated by everyone who came to campus.

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