Posted by: colleenoshea | April 3, 2009

In Thanks…

This past Thursday marked my last class of Agriculture Communications, and I’m pretty sad it’s over. Agri-Communications part one and two defiantly have been the best two courses throughout my entire four years here at the University of Guelph. Although I am in Child Youth and Family development and have completely loved all my courses for my degree, I am SO grateful that I got the opportunity to connect with my agricultural roots and take this class. I have learned so much this past year and am taking so many new skills with me. This is a class that I will actually remember when I look back at my university career, and know I will apply my skills from it in the “real world”. For me, the highlights of both Ag-Communications one and two were the radio assignment (mine is posted two posts below), the speech competition, and the video assignment we did at the Royal Winter Fair. Watch my video below which I did with two very good friends Aric Bos and Kimberly Van Der Sluis 🙂

I’d like to thank my professor, Owen Roberts for leading us through this amazing course. Owen has been an inspiration to me to possibly re-route my plan of becoming a teacher and walk down the path of ag-communications. He has been one of the best profs I have had in University. If I do become a teacher, I only hope I will be half the teacher that he has been for me. I also want to thank my fellow students for all the laughs during our time together in this class, and making this such an enjoyable year. I will never forget you all!



  1. I’ll never forget your class either, Colleen. You set the bar to a new high, and I’m fortunate that I was your instructor. Thank you for your kind words and for the encouragement you gave your classmates.

  2. Coll, that was such a nice post! i couldn’t agree more with you this class rocked my socks! so to say…i just wish I too had beatle socks. 😀
    see you soon hopefully in BC.

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